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Dean's Message

Welcome and thank you for visiting the official page of the College of Agriculture and Agri-Industries. Here, you will get useful information about the college such as faculty and staff profile, academic programs, students, support research activities, community and consultancy services, publication, etc. Further, you will grasp recent developments and future directions of the college.

The vision of the college of Agriculture and Agri-Industries is to provide opportunity and support to the agriculture community that serve the needs of the society, safeguard and sustain natural resources and systems through innovative best practices.
The college offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Agriculture and Agricultural Technology as undergraduate programs and Master of Science in Crop Science as a graduate-level program.

The programs under CAA are designed to provide students with the technical knowledge in crop raising, livestock raising, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, integrated pest management, seed conditioning and technology, breeding, tissue culture, and biotechnology and other areas related to production and quality control in the food and fiber industry. It also teaches students about managing a farm or agribusiness.

Through the years, since its establishment in 1987, CAA continue to respond to the needs of the society and pursues excellence in teaching, research and community services by working in close collaboration with institutions in the country and abroad and most importantly with its stakeholders in order to remain responsive to the ever-changing needs of the society.  

Teresita A. Atega, Ph.D.
Dean, CAA

College of Agriculture and Agri-Industries, Caraga State University, Ampayon, Butuan City, 8600